Stepping Stone Training

Stepping Stone Training Systems will develop your individual members into a performance team.

Develop your team of individuals into a cohesive high performance machine. An engine is more than the sum of its parts and your team should be nothing less.

Let us be your Team Mechanics.

Maybe your team is close to acheiving but you have a few loose bolts (or screws). We can tighten up those loose parts and teach you, their Leader, how to manage the new machine.

An aspect of quality leadership involves following. Everyone that is a part of the team is required to participate if you want the most out of this program. The Leaders first take a back seat to all decisions and the followers are forced to think on their own. Then everyone trades places and through experiential learning the machine gets fine-tuned. Learn more about these training courses and the activities we can bring into your company.

The most effective option is for you to learn in our environment. We control the challenges to ensure the right amount of success at every step. Safely risking failure makes the victory so much sweeter and ensures the lessons are internalized.