Basic Support Rate Packages ..

Business services

$350 Open Account/Set Up (3 machines) $120 each additional machine
$140 per computer setup as a single contracted device
$40 per month per machine: 6 month payment min. for Bi-Annual Business Package:
(Annual Business Package (ABP): $480 per yr/machine, no additional service call fees)
$85 Service Call Fee base rate (see rate per contracted device)

Bi-Annual Package: Service call fees included in contract rate @ 2 per month per contracted device, $50 each additional service call visit per device.

Support Service Call $35/hour in-house 2 hr min. (no service call fee with Annual Business Package)
Support Service Call $35/hour Remote 1 hr min. (no service call fee with Annual Business Package)


  • Trouble Shooting
  • Consulting
  • Systems Analysis
  • Software installation per covered machine* (1 hr/mo remote installation (ABP))
  • Print driver maintenance (software*)
  • Networking
  • System install/setup
  • Hardware acquisition/installation

Monthly Maintenance includes:

  • Remote Monitoring (included)
  • Virus scans (software install if necessary, individual install only*)
  • Spyware scans (software install if necessary, individual install only*)
  • Software update installs
  • Local number for support*
  • Call Back Support
  • Toll free # for travelers
  • Software removal
  • Backup utility management*

Bonus for Employees

# Employee Support add-on: $70 per machine + $35/hr remote support, $50/hr in-house (min 1hr.) No service fee. Includes business contract support items for employees personal computers.

*Enterprise application software costs are not included, Enterprise level maintenance may incur addition charges based on labor intensity, Client is responsible for purchasing adequate licensing of software and hardware requirements, Local numbers are limited to technicians’ physical location

Non-Contract Services:

$150 per machine setup/initial call
Option A: $85 service call fee + $60/hr (min 1 hr)
Option B: $65 remote connection service fee + $50/hr (min 1 hr)