Stepping Stone Services is the umbrella site for all the services that are provided through Stepping Stone Marketing.

When we began Stepping Stone Marketing our focus was strictly on internet site development and assisting companies in marketing their services and products to the internet community. As the years have passed we have opened our scope of services to include Technology Support, Team Development, Print Media pre-press, Consultation, and expanded our original idea of being the one-stop-shop for internet marketing services.

Today Stepping Stone Marketing really does not adequately cover what we do and what we are capable of providing to you. Therefore, we created the Stepping Stone Services site in order to help you understand that there is no need to continually search the dark reaches of the internet for what you need.

This page will be your train station and from here you can get to all our other services. Now a little more about what "services" we offer...


Moving your Brick-n-Mortar to eCommerce can be a daunting task. We work to establish your internet presence. Develop or migrate your customer contacts to electronic media so that you're sales, marketing, and administrative staff know what is going on all the time. We orchestrate your domain, web site, and customer relationship needs for you. All we need is your content.



Develop your team of individuals into a cohesive high performance machine. An engine is more than the sum of its parts and your team should be nothing less. Let us be your Team Mechanics.


Safety and Emergency Preparedness..

 Safety and Emergency Preparedness should be a primary concern for all businesses and organizations. With the wealth of information that is so easily accessed there is no reason that you should not be prepared to care or the sick and injured at work or at home. Stepping Stone Training is an ECSI certified training center for Emergency Care including CPR, AED, First Aid, and Advanced First Responder classes.




Are you Information Technology Challenged?
Need a little help?
Simple questions to big problems. We extend our IT services from your company contract out to your employees at home. Just because someone has great service at the office does not mean they should be stuck on simple things at home.


Personal -Protection..

Worried about traveling from your home to the office? Work in a shady neighborhood? Own a gun for personal protection but never taken a class with it? We offer training in Personal Protection (empty hand) and Firearms Safety. Everything from being aware on the weekend shopping jaunt to surviving a violent intruder in your home or office. Youth to Adult, all skill levels are welcome.


Human Relations..

Have you ever wondered what happened to that great person you saw in then interview room, because now they are a raging maniac after getting the job? We can help screen out the nutcases and narrow down the right people for the job. Give us a call. We will provide you a simple test to administer to your top applicants.


Presentation Training..

 Presentation training included how to use the tools, yhow to be comfortable in from or a group and how to engage your audience. No one wants to flop and now there is no reason to worry about it.


Business Mgnt..

 Short and to the point. You need to manage sales, clients, and employees. We can help you do all three and more. Get your office back on track and in the groove. This material ties in with our Team Training programs and our Support systems in order to bring your entire office into harmony, focused on the same goal and moving as a machine.


Youth Programs..

 We are currently developing our own youth programs. If you are looking for a program to be involved with we have several to suggest depending on your needs. Please complete a contact form and we will be in touch. For young adults 14-20 we suggest the Venturing Program such as